Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Selection of sculpted paintings: 2009.

This is work the I created throughout my first year, the majority of which was done towards the end of the year. This collection attempts to create a haze between the boundaries surrounding and between painting and sculpture, a theme I am still working with. What is evident in this collection, is the power of the sculpture, an almost overbearing presence. This element of the works, is what I am least satisfied with and something I am now trying to amend.

In these works, I have used a selection of materials. The canvas, as it were, is mostly rusted metal, which has beautiful colour and texture, as if a paint created by time. I have used oil paints with which I mixed sand to create further textures, onto this in two pieces, I have poured melted wax, creating a screen underneath which the ghost of the painting comes through. This notion of hiding the painting, or making it barely visible is one that has interested me for some time. On the staircase piece, I was using very thin paint which was barely visible, there is some evidence of this but the paint is mostly hidden by large areas of white emulsion paint.

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